TikTok Shop: Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Scams

April 13th · 8 min read

Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|
Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|

Shop Smart on TikTok Shop

From choreographed dance moves that catch like wildfire to never-ending loops of cat antics and, let’s not forget, the challenges that sometimes make us question humanity itself, you might wonder, "What will TikTok come up with next?" Brace yourselves because TikTok’s latest feature isn’t just another eyebrow-raising trend. It’s a disruptive innovation in the world of e-commerce.

Welcome to the era of TikTok Shop. That’s right, officially rolled out late in 2023, TikTok has expanded its empire into the bustling world of e-commerce. Love it or loathe it, TikTok has cemented its place in our digital lives, and with TikTok Shop, it’s weaving itself even tighter into the fabric of our daily routines. But here’s the kicker: with every online shopping experience, especially one as fresh and untested as TikTok Shop, comes a cautionary tale.

TikTok may be a good way to snag a deal promoted by your favorite influencer, phony products, less-than-scrupulous sellers, and outright scams are also common.

Why? Because where there's innovation, scammers aren't far behind, ready to exploit the excitement and the novelty. And TikTok Shop, my friends, is their latest playground.

In this deep dive, we’re not just scrolling through endless feeds of TikTok madness. No, we're on a mission to uncover the dark side of TikTok Shop scams. We’ll dissect what these scams look like, how you can sidestep their sneaky traps, and most importantly, how strengthening your online shopping spree with cybersecurity, like Guardio, isn’t just smart—it’s essential. So, prepare your digital shopping carts and your cyber smarts, it’s going to be an enlightening ride.

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Closer look at TikTok Shop

TikTok launch

Launched into the digital cosmos in September 2016, TikTok swiftly became the virtual stage for a mesmerizing ballet of 15-second video snippets. It’s the place where users from every corner of the globe can unleash their creativity, setting their daily antics, dance moves, and lip-sync battles to an infectious beat. Thanks to a personalized stream of these bite-sized entertainments, complete with music and sound effects, TikTok is nothing short of digital catnip, keeping eyes glued and fingers scrolling.

From budding videographers to seasoned pros, anyone can sprinkle a little magic on their videos with filters, background tunes, and stickers, making each upload a mini-masterpiece. But with the introduction of its new feature TikTik Shop, TikTok’s rhythm beats stronger than ever, now pulsating through the world of e-commerce. It’s become a bustling marketplace where businesses, from garage startups to towering brands, can strut their stuff, making TikTok not just a platform for sharing and discovering but also for shopping, heralding a new era where creativity meets commerce.

TikTok Shop: A new e-commerce frontier

TikTok's website introduces the Shop as "a shopping experience built for TikTok," proclaiming it as "a completely personalized and fully integrated commerce solution." The platform envisions TikTok Shop as a place where sellers, creators, and communities authentically connect, driving meaningful shopping experiences, "shopping made simple."

While TikTok Shop's unveiling on the website speaks of good intentions and a revolutionary approach to commerce, the familiar warning that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" looms large. As TikTok opens the door to new ways of connecting sellers and buyers, scammers, too, find innovative paths to manipulate this connection. Their intentions? Far from the community-building spirit of TikTok Shop. Instead, they aim to deceive, leading unsuspecting shoppers into traps that could cost more than just a few misplaced clicks.

What shoppers need to know: TikTok Shop scams

Buying things online always carries its risks, especially on newer platforms still working to establish their credibility. TikTok Shop, despite its popularity, is no different, offering a fertile ground for scammers alongside legitimate deals. Falling for a scam on TikTok Shop isn’t just a hit to your ego; it’s a plunge into a digital quagmire of woes. Here’s what you could be up against:

  • Vanishing acts: Products you pay for that never arrive, coupled with false USPS delivery notifications.

  • Bait and switch: The disappointment of receiving a shoddy imitation instead of what you actually ordered.

  • Damaged goods: Products that arrive broken or unusable, adding insult to financial injury.

  • Empty promises, literally: The shock of an empty box, symbolizing the void of your wasted expectations and trust.

These snags in your shipment might be annoying, sure, but they're just small potatoes compared to the real trouble brewing if scammers snag your personal and financial info:

  • Financial fallout: The sharp pain of losing cash and having credit card details stolen as scammers deplete your funds through deals that seem too good to be true.

  • Identity crisis: Sharing personal details can lead to identity theft, with scammers exploiting your digital life.

  • Privacy invasion: Your information may spread across the internet's darker parts, attracting more scams your way.

  • Endless spam: If your information does get stolen and sold on the dark web, expect a barrage of unwanted emails and calls, constantly reminding you of that lapse in judgment.

  • Trust issues: Being scammed can make you wary of all online shopping, spoiling the joy of finding real deals.

Identifying red flags: How to spot a scam on TikTok Shop

With TikTok Shop’s popularity skyrocketing, so too are the scam artists making their move. Spotting these scammers is key to keeping your online shopping spree safe and sound. Here are some safe online shopping tips that’ll help you in spotting fake online deals:

  • Comments MIA: A seller dodging public comments? Big red flag. It’s like they’re saying, “Nothing to see here!” but in a suspicious way.

  • All show, no go: Tons of likes and views but the storefront’s review section is a ghost town? Smells fishy.

  • Nowhere else to be found: Can’t find the seller on Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify? If they’re legit, they’re usually playing the field on other e-commerce sites, too.

  • Selling forbidden fruit: Injectable liposuction? Miracle diet pills? That stuff isn’t even allowed on TikTok. So if it’s still being sold but it’s banned, it’s scam city. Hit report, stat.

As TikTok Shop becomes more popular, it’s also a prime time to examine our click-to-buy impulses. Do you really need that Chewbaka bottle holder or that extra tube of hair gel? I know I do, but sometimes, the best move for your brain, bank balance, and the planet is just to hit pause.

Your safety net: Safe online shopping tips

If beating the social e-commerce fight seems impossible, we can still aim to win the war against shopping scams. Before you click on that too-good-to-be-true TikTok Shop deal, arm yourself with these essential tips.

  • Trust badge: Ensure the seller sports a credibility badge on their TikTok profile.

  • Be a detective: Explore the seller's official website to explore their digital footprint beyond TikTok—a crucial step in distinguishing genuine merchants from fakes.

  • Contact info: Steer clear of sellers who hide their contact details, transparency is key.

  • Scam radar: Employ a quick web search with the seller’s name followed by “complaint” or “scam” to uncover any lurking issues.

  • Product alerts: Keep your eyes wide open to the finer print and details of products, sidestepping potential traps without breaking a sweat.

  • Reality check: Embrace skepticism with deals that whisper sweet nothings; if it whispers too sweetly, it’s probably lying.

  • Phishing guard up: Approach product descriptions with the caution you'd reserve for dodging phishing attempts – every word matters.

  • Interpret the descriptors: Words like “refurbished” or “close-out” can be tell-tale signs of something less than new or entirely functional.

  • Direct line to authenticity: For brand-name desires, go straight to the source, ensuring your purchase is legit.

  • Be skeptical of reviews: Scrutinize reviews and endorsements critically, especially when they’re polished to perfection.

  • Cybersecurity in e-commerce: In today’s click-happy world, safeguarding your digital life with cybersecurity software isn't a choice but a necessity. Equip both your phone and computer with robust protection like Guardio. When eyeing a product or store, take your research off TikTok. With Guardio's online scam prevention on guard, if you stumble upon a scam, it’ll swiftly block access to the dubious site, safeguarding your money and personal details in the process.

With Guardio’s online scam prevention, you get:

  • 24/7 scam protection.

  • Blocks fake shopping websites and annoying pop-ups with malicious links.

  • Stops email and text fishing scams

  • Protects your social media accounts

  • Scans your device for malware.

  • Real-time identity theft protection.

  • Family protection (up to 5 family members)

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The bottom line

Diving into TikTok Shop's world is an adventure, blending endless discovery with a dash of caution. As we've explored the twists and turns of navigating scams in this digital marketplace, a clear strategy emerges for savvy shopping.

Trust, but verify. Not all that glitters in TikTok Shop is gold. Look for authenticity and explore the seller's presence beyond the platform. Arm yourself with online scam prevention tools like Guardio that will ensure your TikTok treasure hunt doesn’t end in regret.

Remember, in the fast-paced world of TikTok shopping, pausing to reflect can be your greatest asset. Asking, "Do I really need this?" might just save you from more than buyer's remorse. With these insights and Guardio’s protection, you’re all set to navigate TikTok Shop’s exciting yet potentially deceptive waters. Happy (and safe) shopping!

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