Tech Support Scam FAIL: Scammer Got The Lesson of a Lifetime

September 16th · 2 min read

Have you ever gotten a sudden message on your screen with a virus warning urging you to call a support number on the screen?


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You could have been exposed to a Tech Support Scam.

Tech support scams are one of the many and most popular methods scammers use to exploit innocent people, especially amongst the elderly crowd. In fact, older adults have filed more reports of a loss on tech support scams than other fraud categories during the past four years 1 .

Luckily, these scams can be avoided.

Browsing with protection tools will block the pop ups before they even get to you. Along with protection tools, scams are being revealed more over time by scambaiters who want to expose the criminals. Although not part of any authority, they simply want to save innocent people.

A true story revealed:

The scambaiters known as Deeveeaar decided to set up a trap and scam the scammers pretending to be an elderly lady falling for the scam. And it turned out to be a genius, funny story:

Deeveear, is a Youtube channel that focuses mainly on uncovering scammers performing tech support scams from India. One of DVR's recent scam baits was undoubtedly one for the books. DVR's girlfriend pretended to be a kind innocent grandma, while on the other side of the world, a scammer was trying to take over her computer using a classic tech support scam. They set up the scammer who was trying to exploit the elderly, and he ended up getting scammed himself. [Watch the full video here]

The population of the elderly's is a popular segment for scammers as they are not very tech-savvy. Getting back at these scammers got DVR and his team a lot of gratitude and acknowledgment for what they do, from us too. Way to go, guys!

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How does a Tech Support Scam actually work?

Tech support scams mostly begin with a pop-up warning on your computer, pretending to be an important alert stating that immediate action is required, pushing you to take action to solve the issue by calling a support phone number. If you come across one of these, don't do it.

Staying Secure Online

Awareness is the key to keeping safe online. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following these safety tips:

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If you have any questions about tech support scams and online threats, feel free to talk to us, it's one of our favorite topics.

Clean up your browser and prevent future scams

Protect yourself from tech support & other scams, begin with a free scan.

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