Creating a Secure Digital</br>World, for Everyone.

With the shift to the cloud, the cyber threat landscape has changed, creating new types of security risks and gaps that leave users vulnerable. Guardio's solutions help combat new threats, create a highly secure environment, and improve users' online experience.

Our flagship product focuses on the browser ecosystem. Browsers play a key role in our lives, storing our most valuable information, from messages, banking information, crypto, and e-commerce. They have become our de-facto operating system. With so much at stake - a dedicated product is needed to keep us safe in this new realm.

Our Story

Founded by Amos, Michael & Daniel in 2018, Guardio was created with a vision to accompany users in their online activities ensuring they are safe at every step of their online journey.

Although cybersecurity tools and awareness have improved over time, the damage done by cybercrime is still staggering. While many users have updated operating systems and browsers, they continue to fall for phishing and scams, resulting in financial loss and identity thefts.
We wanted to fill this gap as seamlessly as possible.

"Our goal was to take a different approach to protecting online users. By combining our careers in Cyber and Data, we were able to create a new product breed."

The A-Team

The team behind Guardio all share the same passion - building a safer internet together.
By bringing together product, design, engineering, UX, and marketing expertise, we can produce the most intuitive, easy-to-use, loved by consumers, and affordable security products.

Our impact-focused approach helps us achieve goals and tilt graphs. Hearing how we save our customers on a daily basis fuels our desire to do what we do and feel like superheroes.

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