Safe web, Great technology

In order to effectively combat emerging threats from ever-evolving malicious actors, Guardio needs to stay on the bleeding edge of multiple technology disciplines.<br /><br />Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Infrastructure and Security Research are more than just buzz-words to us - they are enablers for true innovation and state of the art protection.
Safe web, Great technology


Fast. Light. Private.

A great security solution should value the user’s needs and have minimal impact on system resources.

By utilizing a Cloud-centric approach, Guardio is able to perform the majority of resource intensive analysis securely away from the endpoint.

Guardio’s infrastructure enables real-time updates to block signatures, rules and heuristics.

Detection Innovation

Gaining up-to-the-minute visibility of the entire internet.

Guardio utilizes a mixture of real time and bulk data pipelines in conjunction with dynamic heuristics to always provide the most relevant information when performing analysis.

Total ecosystem coverage

Guardio routinely maps, stores and indexes the entirety of the Chrome Extension ecosystem. This allows for extensive coverage of malicious extensions.

Extensive portions of the visible internet are constantly being probed and mapped. Metadata and fingerprints (such as WHOIS, DNS records, hosting providers, etc) are constantly gathered and factored into our decision making engine.

Client-side detection models
Novel approaches are needed when dealing with “soft” threats such as phishing, scam and malvertising campaigns. Some methods used by Guardio include client-side deep learning models in order to detect visual elements in fraudulent websites and provide immediate mitigation without compromising privacy, bandwidth or security.
Guardio’s algorithms and heuristics continuously sift through large amounts of data looking for anomalies and signs of malicious activity.

By cross-referencing information across the many sources available, Guardio is able to stay one step ahead of criminal actors by uncovering and flagging their business models, modus operandi and infrastructure with little to no human interaction.

For the end users, this translates to seamless detection and prevention of previously unknown threats - in record times.


Autonomous threat discovery and prevention.

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