Guardio & Trilogy Media: Superheroes of the Cyber World

August 9th · 8 min read

Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|
Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|

Imagine a world where every click could lead to a scam, and every website you visit might be a trap. Now, picture two superheroes swooping in to save the day: Guardio, with its digital shield, and Trilogy Media, with its comedic yet hard-hitting exposés. This isn't the new Spider-Man movie or a comic book plot; it's the real-life collaboration between two giants in the fight against cybercrime.

While Guardio’s online tools provide top-tier cybersecurity protection, even their team were blown away when they first heard of Trilogy Media and their scambaiting shenanigans. Trilogy Media ventures into the real world, actively intervening in scams as they unfold. It's not just for show, although it’s pretty entertaining to watch. They even go to incredible lengths, traveling internationally, wearing disguises, and taking on new identities, all for the sake of protecting unsuspecting people. Yes indeed, not all heroes wear capes, some dress up like senior citizens. No, we're not kidding! In one of Trilogy Media’s huge scam baits, they dressed up as an elderly man in order to catch a cash mule who was trying to steal $200,000 cash. Crazy right?

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A match made in heaven

Just like Queen B - Beyonce, and Jay-Z become the power couple they are today, the team at Guardio was also smitten when they stumbled across Trilogy Media. From the moment they saw their scambaiting videos, they knew that Guardio and Trilogy were like two peas in a pod on their mission to fight cybercrime. But before we dive into Trilogy Media and their escapades, let’s backtrack for a sec and get into the art of scambaiting, what it is, and why people do it. Ready, set, go!

What’s scambaiting?

Guardio has a proactive approach to preventing cybercrime before it can even enter your inbox. It sits quietly like a bouncer, stopping shady individuals from entering the exclusive club that is your online presence. But get this - there’s a totally different strategy to fighting cyber threats, and it might just blow your mind. We hope you’re sitting down for this one… Not all scammers are bad! Yep - you heard me. Really. Some are here to actually defeat other scammers in their own game, all while educating, informing, and entertaining.

How does scambaiting work?

Scambaiting is a unique twist on cybersecurity and activism, where the tables are turned on scammers to protect potential victims. Instead of being easy prey, scam baiters play the part of an unsuspecting target, all while using their expertise to disrupt the scammer's efforts. Their tactics vary, from merely eating up the scammer's time to deploying malware on their systems and, in some cases, even dismantling their entire setup and calling the police.

While the main objective of scams is to cheat people out of their hard-earned cash, scam baiters are driven by a diverse set of motivations. Some dive into scambaiting for the sheer thrill and entertainment, others see it as a hobby, some are driven by a genuine sense of community responsibility, and a handful even monetize their efforts. Trilogy Media masterfully blends all these elements, skillfully combating scammers, protecting innocent people, and delivering high-quality entertainment in the process.

Scammers sit in their mom's basement - What’s the big deal?

What comes to mind when you think of hackers or scammers? An image of scrawny geeks with pale faces from lack of sun and staring too long at a screen? Or maybe someone sitting with a hoody trying to unlock the secrets of the latest UFO sightings in Area-51. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s far from the truth.

Most cybercrime operations are huge and have hundreds if not thousands of people on payroll. Scam call centers, for example, are a significant and growing concern in the realm of cybercrime. Their operations can vary in size, but some are surprisingly extensive and sophisticated. Trilogy Media takes on these large operations head-on, this is what they’re up against:

Scale of Operations Some scam call centers are small, makeshift operations with just a handful of individuals making calls from a room or even from their homes. However, like mentioned before, larger operations can employ hundreds or even thousands of people, often working in shifts to cover different time zones and maximize their reach.

Infrastructure The larger scam call centers can resemble legitimate call centers in many ways. They have rows of workstations, high-speed internet connections, and advanced telecommunication equipment that allows them to make thousands of calls simultaneously. Some even use customer relationship management (CRM) software to track their interactions with potential victims.

Training Employees in these call centers often undergo training, not in customer service but in the art of deception. They're provided with scripts, taught how to handle skeptical individuals, and even given lessons in accent neutralization to sound more convincing to their target demographics.

Types of Scams From the infamous "tech support" scams where they pretend to be from companies like Microsoft, Appl, or the IRS, to sophisticated phishing scams, these call centers can run various types of schemes. They adapt their strategies based on what's most effective at a given time.

Earnings The potential earnings from these scams can be staggering, which is why they continue to proliferate. A successful operation can rake in millions of dollars annually, often from vulnerable individuals, including the elderly or those not well-versed in technology.

Geographical Concentration While scam call centers can be found worldwide, certain regions, particularly parts of India, have become notorious hubs for these operations. However, it's essential to note that many legitimate call centers also operate in these regions.

Evolution and Adaptation As awareness of their tactics grows and law enforcement becomes more adept at shutting them down, these call centers continually evolve. They switch tactics, update scripts, and even move physical locations to avoid detection. Somehow, they always manage be one step ahead of the authorities.

Scam call centers' operations can be enormous and sophisticated, making them challenging to fight. That’s where scam baiters like Trilogy Media come in, they help increase awareness, educate, and confront cybercriminals working in places like these face-to-face, exposing scams in real-time.

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Trilogy Media: The dynamic duo of scam busting

Ashton and Art, the brains behind Trilogy Media, are on a mission, and it's not just about catching the bad guys. They're here to make you laugh, gasp, and, most importantly, stay informed. Remember the call centers we mentioned earlier? These guys flew all the way to India and tracked one down. Their video footage of the whole scam bait operation racked up millions of views in just a day.

Their methods are straight out of a spy movie: hidden cameras in hotel rooms, unsuspecting scammers, and the sweet taste of justice served with a side of humor. Their mantra? "Entertain, spread positivity, and keep the world alert about the dark corners of the internet."

Trilogy Media: It takes a village

Trilogy Media has been at the forefront of the fight against online scams for over seven years. Through their YouTube channel and other social media platforms, they've dedicated themselves to "scambaiting". Their unique approach isn't just about exposing scammers; it's about collaboration and community.

They've joined forces with Guardio and other notable figures in the scambaiting community, such as Scammer Payback's Pierogi, Jim Browning, and many more. In an effort led by Scammer Payback, they've created the "People's Call Center," a counter-operation against scam call centers. This initiative allows them to intercept scam calls, warn potential victims, and even hijack entire scam call centers' operations.

Trilogy Media's approach

Direct confrontation Engaging with scammers directly, leading them on wild chases, and revealing their tactics.

Collaborative operations Working with other scam baiters, they've traveled across the country to confront scammers head-on, saving potential victims from financial loss.

Hijacking scam operations With the help of other scam baiters, they've been able to divert scam calls to their own call center, warning potential victims and costing scammers thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

When superheroes collaborate: 'Looks Phishy'

Guardio stands as a digital sentinel, offering users robust online protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Their advanced cybersecurity solutions shield people from malicious software, phishing attempts, and other online threats, ensuring a safe browsing experience.

Meanwhile, Trilogy Media takes the fight directly to the perpetrators. Rather than just defending against threats, they actively pursue and confront scammers in the real world. Together, Guardio’s preventative measures and Trilogy Media's proactive approach formed a comprehensive front against cybercrime, and thus a collaboration was born.

Trilogy Media celebrate their 1 million YouTube subscribers Trilogy Media celebrating reaching 1 million subscribers - cake provided with ❤️ by Guardio.

What happens when two forces of good join hands? Magic!

Guardio and Trilogy Media's brainchild, the Facebook page "Looks Phishy", is a haven for web users. It’s a place where people discuss tales of close shaves with scams, new crimes are discussed, and knowledge is shared It's a digital neighborhood watch, and everyone's invited!

The collaboration between Guardio and Trilogy Media is a testament to the power of community and collaboration. Together, they're not only raising awareness about online scams but actively disrupting scam operations, saving countless individuals from potential financial loss. Together, they're proving that with determination and collaboration, we can make the Internet a safer place.

Join the Adventure! Ready for more cyber escapades and scam-busting action? Check out Trilogy Media's thrilling YouTube channel and be part of the "Looks Phishy" community here.

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