Popular YouTuber ‘Scambaiter’ Hacks a Scammer That Tried to Scam His Viewer

April 11th · 3 min read

In his latest video, Scambaiter responds to a request for help from one of his many viewers. The viewer had lost his Instagram account after the scammer hacked him after trying to convince him to deposit money into his cryptocurrency scam. The viewer unwittingly clicked a link sent to him by the scammer. It sent him to a fake Instagram login page which asked him to log in. When he typed his login details, the scammer then was able to login and change the details, which gave him full control over the victim’s account.

Hacking a Scammer. All Was Not Lost!

After doing some research, the victim unearthed Scambaiter’s YouTube channel. Here was a man that was doing what he could to get revenge for victims of scams. The viewer decided to contact Scambaiter to see if he could do anything to help him recover his account from the scammer.

As Scambaiter was already in the process of investigating Instagram cryptocurrency scammers, he quickly agreed to see what he could do. After initially advising the victim to contact customer support at Instagram to see if he could recover his account, Scambaiter went to work to see what he could do. The victim pointed him to the scammer's Instagram profile while also giving him a contact email address.

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Scammers Identified, Located, and Hacked

Scambaiter started out by contacting the scammer. He asked for help with investing and made it clear that he had $15,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) that he was willing to invest. This perked the ears of the scammer, but as soon as the scammer spoke to Scambaiter via messenger, he had already been undone. Scambaiter was able to hack into and gain access to the scammer's laptop.

From here, things really got interesting. By taking control of the victim’s webcam, he was able to view and listen in on the scammer. He quickly realised the scammer was not working alone and that, in fact, there was a group of them living in an apartment in Northern Cyprus. All of Nigerian descent, this group was hacking people from all over the world.

Verified by Google Chrome.

Instant Results.

4.6/5 based on 1,000+ Trustpilot reviews

Eventually, Scambaiter learned that although the scammer had hacked his viewers’ Instagram account, that the guy was in fact primarily using YouTube to lure in his victims. Targeting viewers who commented on cryptocurrency related videos, the scammers convinced people to invest in their fake investment scheme. They had a fake website set up that investors could log into and watch their fake investments seemingly grow. This would induce them to invest further sums of money.

Scambaiter’s Plan Goes Into Action

With access to the scammers laptop, Scambaiter was able to access this fake website, contact the victims using it, and change all the settings, including the login details. He also used the scammers’ Facebook account to contact his family and friends, telling them what he is up to. Essentially, he did everything he could to derail the scammers’ operation. Scambaiter even filed a police report, but suggested doubt whether the authorities would do too much.

Prevent Scams Like This Happening to You

During the video, Scambaiter gave some advice on how you can prevent falling prey to similar scams. His major tip was to use browser security tools such as Guardio.io. It acts as an antivirus that silently protects your system via the web browser. It also gives you warnings about visiting suspicious websites and cleans and speeds up your browser. This extension tool will even protect your private information so that scammers such as the one above cannot get their hands on it.

__Scambaiter even provides a link that gives users a free scan and a 7-day free trial that will protect up to 5 devices in their homes. __

Verified by Google Chrome.

Instant Results.

4.6/5 based on 1,000+ Trustpilot reviews

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