There are two types of antivirus. Traditional kinds require that you download software to your computer and only then can it scan your PC and detect viruses and remove them after they’ve entered the computer. The second kind is browser protection, which protects from viruses by blocking threats before they reach your computer and have a chance to cause sometimes irreparable damage.

Apr 25, 2020

Always on the ball

Always on the ball, keeping me secure, day and night!

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Allen J. Exelby

Apr 25, 2020

Great experience with Guardio

Great experience with Guardio. Works behind the scenes so smoothly with no pop ups etc.I love how it would only notify me when anything tries to access my private information. Great job well done!!

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Esther Alei Tafa


It's worth every penny I pay. Guardio cleaned up problems that I put up with for years. And I love the fact that I can email and get a response almost immediately with a solution

Lawana Crosiar