There are two main types of antivirus software. Traditional antivirus requires you to download and install software on your computer. This type scans your PC, detects viruses, and removes them after they have already entered your system. While effective, it only deals with threats once they are inside your device. Back in the day, when we used hard discs, floppy discs, and other physical media, threats came at us from all directions. But today, with most (if not all) of our computer usage being online, online cybersecurity measures have become more effective.

The second type is browser protection tools like Guardio, which offers a proactive approach by blocking threats before they reach your computer. This method prevents viruses from causing potentially irreparable damage, keeping your system safe by stopping threats at the source.

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What's the Difference Between Antivirus Software and Guardio?

To truly understand the difference between Guardio and traditional antivirus programs, it's essential to know how each one works:

Traditional antivirus programs: These programs attempt to deal with threats after your computer or mobile device has already been infected. They rely on scanning your system for known viruses and removing them. However, these solutions need regular updates to stay effective against new threats, as they depend on static databases of known virus signatures. This approach can also slow down your computer or mobile device, as the software uses significant resources to perform its tasks.

Guardio: In contrast, Guardio blocks threats before they reach your device, providing proactive protection. Because Guardio is cloud-based, it doesn't require regular updates and its protection continuously evolves to counter new cyber threats. Guardio leverages Machine Learning (AI) to analyze malicious behavior, meaning it can detect and block new threats even if attackers change their techniques. This AI-driven approach allows Guardio to predict a hacker's next move, keeping you ahead of evolving threats.

Guardio's proactive protection extends beyond just blocking viruses. It operates on several fronts to safeguard your entire online world, including browsing on your computer or phone, checking your email, sending and receiving text messages, and even exploring social media. If Guardio detects malicious activity for one customer, it immediately blocks the attack for all its users, offering real-time, community-based protection.

The biggest difference between traditional antiviruses and Guardio is in their operational approach: antivirus software is reactive, addressing threats only after they have infiltrated your system. Guardio, on the other hand, works proactively, stopping threats before you even know they exist.

Even if you manage to clean up your device with traditional antivirus software, the damage may already be done. Malware or viruses might have just been symptoms of a larger problem, like data leaks. Once your personal information is compromised, you're at risk of fraud and identity theft. Guardio prevents these issues by protecting your personal data in real-time, stopping threats before they can steal your data and jeopardize your online security.

While traditional antivirus software can help after a threat has infiltrated your system, Guardio provides continuous, proactive protection to keep your devices and personal information safe from the start.

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