Autorun worm

these malicious programs are a type of worm that exploits the Windows AutoRun and AutoPlay features to infect computers when an affected device, like a USB drive, is plugged into the computer. On patched and newer operating systems, Microsoft disabled AutoRun by default so it poses less of a threat, but still affects older systems and those who enable this feature.

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May 3, 2020

Best site security I have found.

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Steve Popz May


It's worth every penny I pay. Guardio cleaned up problems that I put up with for years. And I love the fact that I can email and get a response almost immediately with a solution

Lawana Crosiar

Jun 4, 2020

have only had Guardio for a short…

I have only had Guardio for a short time. In that time I feel that it has protected me against Spyware & Malware~ I would recommend this service~

1 Reviews

Deb Ryan