Autorun worm

these malicious programs are a type of worm that exploits the Windows AutoRun and AutoPlay features to infect computers when an affected device, like a USB drive, is plugged into the computer. On patched and newer operating systems, Microsoft disabled AutoRun by default so it poses less of a threat, but still affects older systems and those who enable this feature.

Jul 17, 2020

Guardio stops spam

Guardio stops spam, & unsafe sitwes from harming my software & my laptop from being messed up,I would recommend this program Guardio for everyone to safe guard their pc, laptop, etc..

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Linda Susan Morton


I love my Guardio! My Chromebook was damaged but as soon as l can get my laptop up and running, the first thing l plan on doing is downloading Guardio to keep it safe!


Mary Kate Schmahl

Apr 30, 2020

I have been so impressed with the…

I have been so impressed with the timely transition to a new device without any fuss. Your notifications are timely and, dare I say, fun to read. Nice that you have a thread of humor! Thanks.

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Michelle Allen