to gain access to websites, devices, or apps, users must go through the process of proving that they are who they say they are by verifying something that they either know (password, PIN, or combination), have (smart card, RSA SecureID FOD, or USB drive) or are (biometrics - fingerprint, iris scan, or voice recognition).

Jun 5, 2020

was having continuous ad popups

I was having continuous ad popups. Guardio took care of them all. I'm so pleased with this service! I'm also alerted about possible threats while surfing. I have every intention of continuing with Guardio.

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Tessa 782


it works- I used to have stuff happen about twice a year- uardio warns me any time something looks fishy


John Robert Fleming

May 8, 2020

Spending money the right way!

Spending money the right way! Guardio makes sure every website i visit is safe and brings me back to safety when it isn't. Best Decision ever made!

1 Reviews

Reneja Rasberry