to gain access to websites, devices, or apps, users must go through the process of proving that they are who they say they are by verifying something that they either know (password, PIN, or combination), have (smart card, RSA SecureID FOD, or USB drive) or are (biometrics - fingerprint, iris scan, or voice recognition).

Guardio keeps your browser safe.

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it works- I used to have stuff happen about twice a year- uardio warns me any time something looks fishy


John Robert Fleming

May 3, 2020

Best site security I have found.

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Steve Popz May

Apr 25, 2020

Great experience with Guadio

Great experience with Guadio. Works behind the scenes so smoothly with no pop ups etc.I love how it would only notify me when anything tries to access my private information. Great job well done!!

1 Reviews

Esther Alei Tafa