Backdoor Trojan

these programs pose as legitimate software to fool users into running them. Once the trojan runs, it adds itself to the computer’s startup routine and monitors the computer until it connects to the Internet, which for most of us, happens automatically. Once the computer is connected to the internet, the attacker behind the trojan can then perform any action on the infected computer, such as data theft, accessing personal files, installing additional malware, tracking the user’s keystrokes, sending spam email, accessing passwords, and more.

Guardio keeps your browser safe.

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It works very well ... I like it no telling how many times they have saved my computer from crash and burn and it also alerts you of suspicious sites ... love it and it is reasonably priced.


Judy Gray


I love my Guardio! My Chromebook was damaged but as soon as l can get my laptop up and running, the first thing l plan on doing is downloading Guardio to keep it safe!


Mary Kate Schmahl

Jun 4, 2020

have only had Guardio for a short…

I have only had Guardio for a short time. In that time I feel that it has protected me against Spyware & Malware~ I would recommend this service~

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Deb Ryan