Account Takeover (ATO)

An account takeover is when someone unauthorized gets control of your online account, like your email, social media, or bank account. They might guess your password or trick you into giving it to them, and then they can access your account, steal your information, or even pretend to be you.

Account takeovers can happen in several ways:

Once they have your password or access to your account, they can do things like steal your money, send messages pretending to be you, get more of your personal information or even steal your identity.

Apr 26, 2020

Click Bait

It's good to know that some of the click bait which gets my attention is connected to a sketchy web site. I need the re-affirmation that I have ignored my common sense

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Jim Capillo


it works- I used to have stuff happen about twice a year- uardio warns me any time something looks fishy


John Robert Fleming

Apr 24, 2020

Have never given PC security much…

Have never given PC security much thought. Usually just download a free one! The last couple of years the free ones have annoyed me so much with their constant advertisements for themselves etc, that I removed them from my computer. It was great to discover Guardio, It has been a relief having it with so much going on in the world and so many nasty people scamming innocent people. It's great when I think I want to click on a site and a Guardio message come up saying they believe it is a dangerous site so I don't go there.

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Merle Hudson