How to Clean a Slow Computer

January 6th · 2 min read

A slow computer can be incredibly frustrating. Cleaning your device and browser is easy and could make your slow computer run much faster. Here's how to do it:

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If you have Windows 10, you should know it comes with an excellent storage manager. Go to the Storage manager via settings app > system, and you will see the folders that take up the most space. Review the folder names to see which of these you don't use, and delete them. Many new devices come with built-in apps that you don't need and will never use, so if you don't recall installing an app - remove it. Next, perform a disk cleanup to remove temporary and back up files that could be slowing down your computer.

Mac computers also come with a built-in disk clean up, located in the storage tab, which you can get to via about this mac> manage. From here, you can remove all the apps and files that you never use or don't use anymore, and create even more space by moving files like photos and videos that you want to keep to the could.

Make your browser speedy

Besides your device type and software, your browser could be slowing you down. There are a few things you should do to keep your browser clean:

  • Like the good old saying, Hakuna Matata - you have to put your past behind you. Clean out your browser history to free up some extra space.
  • Clear up your downloaded files that have piled up and could be taking up precious space.
  • Remove extensions and apps that you don't use, or that could be malware. You could have an extension disguised as one thing but is actually malware trying to steal your information, taking up room, and putting you in danger. You can do this by scanning your browser to detect and remove threats.

Don't forget the trash

Do you throw your trash out every day? Do the same with your computer. Delete files that have piled up in your recycle bin/trash, and finally, boot your computer for a nice fresh start.

Clean up your browser and prevent future scams

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