Guardio's block page: Keeping you safe from malicious websites

With so much of our lives embedded in the digital world, protecting your online activities is crucial. Fake ads, phishing attempts, and malicious websites make it easy to fall victim to scams that steal your personal information and money. That's where Guardio comes in. Guardio offers a wide array of tools to help you surf the web safely. Features like browsing protection and malicious link detection block dangerous online threats by displaying block pages instead of the malicious sites. We’ll explain.

Warning alert on notebook (Laptop)

What is Guardio's block page?

Imagine you’re browsing online and click on an enticing ad or shopping site. Little do you know that the site is actually a dangerous scam that aims to steal your information. Guardio’s block page immediately pops up, warning you of the potential threat and preventing you from accessing the site, which keeps your personal information safe.

How does Guardio's block page work?

Guardio monitors websites 24/7 using advanced AI technology, dynamic fingerprinting, heuristics, and machine learning to identify threats. When a website is flagged as dangerous, Guardio’s block page appears, explaining why the site was blocked and showing the specific URL that triggered the alert.

Why is Guardio's block page needed?

Every day, new phishing websites and scams are created to mimic legitimate sites, making it difficult for even the most cautious users to stay safe. Guardio’s block page helps protect you from these threats by:

  • Blocking fake websites that look real but are set up to trick you.

  • Stopping you from accidentally providing your personal information to scammers.

  • Alerting you to potential phishing attempts and other online dangers.

How does it look?

The block page is straightforward and informative. It clearly states the reason the website was blocked and provides options for what to do next. If you believe the site is safe, you can report it for review or bypass the block if you understand the risks. For frequently visited sites, you can add them to your "Allowed List" directly from the block page or your personal dashboard.

Example of Guardio Block page If you're not using Guardio yet, start a 7-day free trial today and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-notch protection.

Jul 17, 2020

Guardio stops spam

Guardio stops spam, & unsafe sitwes from harming my software & my laptop from being messed up,I would recommend this program Guardio for everyone to safe guard their pc, laptop, etc..

1 Reviews

Linda Susan Morton

Apr 25, 2020

Great experience with Guardio

Great experience with Guardio. Works behind the scenes so smoothly with no pop ups etc.I love how it would only notify me when anything tries to access my private information. Great job well done!!

1 Reviews

Esther Alei Tafa

Apr 26, 2020

Click Bait

It's good to know that some of the click bait which gets my attention is connected to a sketchy web site. I need the re-affirmation that I have ignored my common sense

1 Reviews

Jim Capillo