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October 8th · 6 min read

Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|
Rotem Tal - Senior Cybersecurity Expert |Writer & Editor|

Tech reviews with a punch

In the world of technology, one name stands out as a source of expertise, inspiration, and entertainment - Arun Maini, or as you probably know him Mrwhosetheboss. Arun’s videos include tech reviews, comparisons, and introductions to complex tools in an entertaining way that is straightforward, making it easy for people to relate to his content. With over 16.6 million subscribers on YouTube and a passion for all things tech, Mrwhosetheboss has established himself as one of the most well-known YouTube figures in the tech community. But how did he get there? In this post, we'll take a closer look at the man behind the YouTube channel, exploring his journey, his impact, and his secret sauce for success.

| "I'm on a mission to make the most FUN and USEFUL Tech videos on the Planet!" |

How it all started

Arun grew up in the UK and, at a young age, was constantly curious about the inner workings of gadgets. He had no idea that those early experiences would pave the way to his future as a tech influencer. Besides being a tech lover, he was also a video game enthusiast.

At the age of 14, his brother gave him a gift that would shape his future - a ZTE Blade smartphone. The ZTE Blade came out in 2010 so to techies it might sound like it’s from the Stone Age, but it was Arun’s first smartphone, so he got really excited about it. He took that excitement and channeled it into creating a video / review about the phone. The response was overwhelmingly positive “A lot of people watched it, and the video did much better than I expected." He realized that he was on to something, so he turned his attention to creating smartphone videos, which ultimately led to the trajectory of his channel.

YouTube over business consulting - Career pivot

Fast forward to University, Arian had already been creating video content for some time, but he saw it as a side hustle, not his main gig. Creating YouTube videos was merely a passion project, a hobby that allowed him to explore his tech-savvy side. But back then, he was aspiring to be a business consultant and was studying for a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the prestigious Oxford University.

During his studies, he interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in London, a leading professional services firm. He was still actively making content but wasn’t making much money from it. But it became clearer and clearer to him that YouTube was more than just a fun project, as he continued producing content, even during his internship and nail-biting school exams.

YouTube was like a playground, offering him the autonomy of creative freedom and an alternative to the traditional, corporate environment he once envisioned for himself. This artistic liberty became the guiding star on his captivating YouTube journey. After finishing the internship at PWC, Arun was offered an entry-level role and a $46,000 salary. He politely declined the offer, preferring to focus full-time on his YouTube channel.

“ It was this pivotal crossroads moment where I had to decide to follow my heart. A pretty good indicator that I made the right choice was that I would go into the office when I was at this internship and constantly be thinking about what video I'd film when I got home. ”

Mrwhosetheboss: The Greatest Tech Community on the Planet🌍

Arun has been uploading to YouTube since 2011, and in 2012, he created his YouTube channel, Mrwhosetheboss. The channel has gained over 16.6 million subscribers and 4.1 billion views, but his journey to becoming an influential YouTuber wasn’t an overnight success. Achieving his level of popularity took seven years of relentless effort and the creation of hundreds of videos, each one a stepping stone toward realizing his vision.

What sets Mrwhosetheboss apart from the vast sea of tech YouTubers is his commitment to creating content that is both educational and entertaining. Whether he's reviewing the newest iPhone, explaining complex tech concepts, or comparing Macs to Windows, Arun has a knack for breaking down even the most intricate details into digestible, engaging content. His videos aren't just about showcasing gadgets; they're about educating his audience and fostering a genuine understanding of technology.

Influence and impact

With over 16 million subscribers and billions of views, Mrwhosetheboss has a massive reach. His influence extends far beyond his YouTube channel, with a strong presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Tech enthusiasts, consumers, and even industry professionals turn to his content for valuable insights, honest reviews, and a glimpse into the future of tech. His dedication to covering the latest releases and giving honest reviews is what keeps viewers coming back.

Guardio and Mrwhosetheboss: A dynamic duo

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Guardio offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional antivirus software and helps eliminate the risk of falling victim to scams, phishing attempts, and clicking on dangerous links. There’s a special 7-day free trial and also a discount link for Mrwhostheboss followers. Give them a try, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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10 fun facts about Mrwhosetheboss

  1. Arun was known for asking a lot of questions at school. He really wanted to understand topics deeply 🤓

  2. He started his first business at the age of 12, selling toys online.

  3. Initially, he started his YouTube channel by showing only his hands, he revealed his face only after two and a half years. Shy guy.

  4. The base of his filming and operations is in his old bedroom at his parents' house.

  5. He eats an average of five meals a day because he enjoys food so much. I can relate.

  6. His most used apps in order are WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix.

  7. He’s obsessed with board games like Seven Wonders, Catan, and Ticket to Ride.

  8. His YouTube channel (16.6M) is closing in on overtaking Apple (18.3M) in terms of subscribers.

  9. He’s got two cats, Simba and Milo, with Milo being the alpha of the house.

  10. His favorite TV show is "New Girl," which he has watched multiple times. Who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel?

It all starts with a spark

Arun's journey from a curious kid with a passion for gadgets to a global tech influencer demonstrates the power of pursuing your passions and the potential for a single individual to make a significant impact in the digital age. Beyond the gadgets and gizmos, Mrwhosetheboss also uses his platform to promote the positive impact of technology.

He explores tech innovations that are changing lives, addressing global challenges, and making the world a better place. His commitment to showcasing tech for good resonates with his audience and underscores the transformative potential of innovation.

This allowed him to carve a unique space for himself in the tech world. His dedication to educating, entertaining, and inspiring millions of viewers sets him apart as a true tech expert. As technology continues to advance, Arun Aniani will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, guiding us through the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and discovery. Check out his YouTube channel.

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