The Most Important Thing You Can Do Right Now To Protect Your Identity

February 21st · 3 min read

Experiencing a theft of your identity can be one of the most harmful experiences to happen to you while using the internet. There are, however, some important actions you can take to ensure your identity stays safe and secure.

Learn how to keep yourself safe by using some of our best tips and tricks to build your online defenses.

What Happens When Your Identity Is Stolen?

ID Theft occurs when sensitive data is obtained without your consent. Usually, this act is completed by a cybercriminal, also known as a hacker. Hackers mimic buying patterns and use the knowledge gained to drain personal bank accounts, apply for high-interest-rate loans, and access your most private financial information. Your personal information is then used to create a second identity, and they use the false ID to commit fraud in your name.

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How Can You Defend Yourself?

Protecting yourself from identity threats can be easier than you think. Here are a few easy tips and tricks you can do right now to protect your online identity. If you can implement these changes today, you’ll be setting up a foolproof defense to safeguard against cyber threats.

Start With Your Passwords

The most important you can do right now to protect yourself from identity theft is to assess the strength of your current passwords. Many people make the mistake of choosing one password for every account they have. Although it might be easier for you to remember your password when accessing your funds, you’re also setting yourself up as a prime target for identity theft. Do a password sweep and convert any current codes to a random alphanumeric sequence to secure your accounts.

keep an eye on security threats

Complete a Credit Check

If you’re not currently monitoring your credit report for inconsistencies, it’s time to start. You can request one free credit report annually from the leading credit bureaus, and it’s wise to use this report to check for any fraudulent transactions or false accounts opened in your name. If you catch any accounts or debts that don’t belong to you, be sure to report them immediately.

Update Your Bank & Credit Card Accounts

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to schedule time each month to balance your financial accounts. This means going through every transaction to match them to your actual spend amount. If anything seems out of place, make sure you contact your bank or credit card company right away. You can also set up fraud alerts to alert you when anything suspicious appears on your accounts as well. These alerts can go a long way in helping protect your ID, as you can use them to stop hackers before they can really do some damage.

Keep Sensitive Data Off Social Media

Taking selfies and posting pictures of your lunch are perfectly fine for sharing on your social media accounts; sharing sensitive information is not. Social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook are constantly used as resources to mine information about your identity. If your socials offer the ability to utilize two-step verification, make sure you have it enabled.

Look, nobody wants their identity stolen. The time and effort that goes into tracking down the culprits and getting your money back can be super stressful. If you utilize the four tips we’ve shared here with you today, you’ll make stealing your identity a lot more challenging to do!

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