Nearly 23 Million Email Addresses Found In Mystery Unsecured Database: Were You Exposed?

May 18th · 2 min read

Security Researchers from Have I Been Pwned recently discovered an open database containing 22.8 email addresses. This database containing millions of records is a mystery to researchers as the database's origins have yet to be identified. Security researcher Troy Hunt does not believe the information was obtained by scraping publicly available information.

"Firstly, my phone number is not usually exposed and that was in there in full. Yes, there are many places that (obviously) have it, but this isn't a scrape from, say, a public LinkedIn page. Next, my record was immediately next to someone else I've interacted with in the past as though the data source understood the association," Troy states.

This information has led security researchers to believe that the database's origins are tied to a customer relationship management system. Three months of investigation have turned up minimal clues as to the source of the unsecured information. These clues include three phrases that appear throughout the data multiple times:

  • This contact information was synchronized from Exchange. If you want to change the contact information, please open OWA and make your changes there.
  • Exported from Microsoft Outlook (Do not delete).
  • Contact Created by Evercontact. (Evercontact is a contact management app available on Android.)

When contacted as part of the investigation, Evercontact was unable to provide security researcher Troy Hunt with any additional information.

Unsecured databases pose a serious threat. Hundreds of millions of records containing highly confidential, personally identifiable information are at risk of getting exposed.

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