Tech Support Scam

Tech support scams are schemes where cyber criminals pose as technical support representatives or employees of reputable companies. They use various tactics, such as pop-up warnings or unsolicited phone calls, to deceive people into believing their computers have issues. The scammers then persuade them to provide remote access to their computers, enabling them to steal personal information, install malware, or extort money for fake repairs.

Jun 1, 2020

I have found this to be most helpful to…

I have found this to be most helpful to me, I would be lost without it.

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kevin keates


It works very well ... I like it no telling how many times they have saved my computer from crash and burn and it also alerts you of suspicious sites ... love it and it is reasonably priced.


Judy Gray

Apr 26, 2020

Click Bait

It's good to know that some of the click bait which gets my attention is connected to a sketchy web site. I need the re-affirmation that I have ignored my common sense

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Jim Capillo