Tech Support Scam

Tech support scams are schemes where cyber criminals pose as technical support representatives or employees of reputable companies. They use various tactics, such as pop-up warnings or unsolicited phone calls, to deceive people into believing their computers have issues. The scammers then persuade them to provide remote access to their computers, enabling them to steal personal information, install malware, or extort money for fake repairs.

Apr 30, 2020

I have been so impressed with the…

I have been so impressed with the timely transition to a new device without any fuss. Your notifications are timely and, dare I say, fun to read. Nice that you have a thread of humor! Thanks.

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Michelle Allen

May 8, 2020

Spending money the right way!

Spending money the right way! Guardio makes sure every website i visit is safe and brings me back to safety when it isn't. Best Decision ever made!

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Reneja Rasberry

Jun 5, 2020

was having continuous ad popups

I was having continuous ad popups. Guardio took care of them all. I'm so pleased with this service! I'm also alerted about possible threats while surfing. I have every intention of continuing with Guardio.

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Tessa 782