Catfishing refers to creating a false online identity to deceive someone, typically on social media or online dating platforms. The term originated from a 2010 documentary called "Catfish." In catfishing, individuals often use fake names, photos, and personal information to create a fake profile and persona that appears genuine and trustworthy to others.

Catfishing motivations can vary as some people do it for pure entertainment or to fulfill emotional needs, while the majority scam or manipulate others. Catfishing can have serious consequences, causing emotional distress, financial loss, and damage to your reputation. It's critical to exercise caution and use critical thinking when interacting with others online. Especially when there are red flags or inconsistencies in someone's online identity.

Apr 30, 2020

I have been so impressed with the…

I have been so impressed with the timely transition to a new device without any fuss. Your notifications are timely and, dare I say, fun to read. Nice that you have a thread of humor! Thanks.

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Michelle Allen

Jun 1, 2020

I have found this to be most helpful to…

I have found this to be most helpful to me, I would be lost without it.

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kevin keates

May 29, 2020

Old Chromebook With Outdated Virus Protection

I have an older model Chromebook with built-in virus protection that Google no longer updates. The C-Book works fine, but I was hesitant to use it due to outdated protection. I also didn't want to buy a new model since mine still works quite well. Guardio to the rescue! Thank you for a good product.

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Susan Sawsan Cain