Clickbait / Clickjacking

a form of “bait and switch” advertising designed to lure users into clicking on a link to consume content by providing an attractive, but misleading headline. These are designed to capture your curiosity using extravagant claims, but do not provide truthful information. These benefit fraudsters by generating ad revenue each time someone clicks on these misleading advertisements.

Apr 29, 2020

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that…

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that l was uncovered Nice to know that l am safe again

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Lola Lion Cachet


it works- I used to have stuff happen about twice a year- uardio warns me any time something looks fishy


John Robert Fleming

Apr 25, 2020

Great experience with Guadio

Great experience with Guadio. Works behind the scenes so smoothly with no pop ups etc.I love how it would only notify me when anything tries to access my private information. Great job well done!!

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Esther Alei Tafa