Clickbait / Clickjacking

a form of “bait and switch” advertising designed to lure users into clicking on a link to consume content by providing an attractive, but misleading headline. These are designed to capture your curiosity using extravagant claims, but do not provide truthful information. These benefit fraudsters by generating ad revenue each time someone clicks on these misleading advertisements.

Jun 5, 2020

was having continuous ad popups

I was having continuous ad popups. Guardio took care of them all. I'm so pleased with this service! I'm also alerted about possible threats while surfing. I have every intention of continuing with Guardio.

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Tessa 782

Apr 22, 2020

thank you for this excellent program

thank you for this excellent program. It is just perfect for my Chromebook!

1 Reviews

Dale Forsayeth Selway


I like the reassurance I have that Guardio is checking up on things for me! They have prevented me from opening some links that were suspicious before I opened them! That was awesome! They also have removed some issues for me. Definitely worth the money!


Dorothy Carlisle