this is a collection of infected computers remotely controlled by a hacker. Once infected, the computer is a zombie performing tasks on behalf of the hacker, like sending spam emails or conducting distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) to take down a website. Hackers often share or sell botnets, allowing others to use the zombie computer for malicious purposes as well (see also: Zeus Game Over)

Apr 29, 2020

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that…

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that l was uncovered Nice to know that l am safe again

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Lola Lion Cachet


I like the reassurance I have that Guardio is checking up on things for me! They have prevented me from opening some links that were suspicious before I opened them! That was awesome! They also have removed some issues for me. Definitely worth the money!


Dorothy Carlisle

Apr 22, 2020

thank you for this excellent program

thank you for this excellent program. It is just perfect for my Chromebook!

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Dale Forsayeth Selway