This is a collection of infected computers remotely controlled by a hacker. Once infected, the computer is a zombie performing tasks on behalf of the hacker, like sending spam emails or conducting distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) to take down a website. Hackers often share or sell botnets, allowing others to use the zombie computer for malicious purposes as well (see also: Zeus Game Over)

Jun 4, 2020

have only had Guardio for a short…

I have only had Guardio for a short time. In that time I feel that it has protected me against Spyware & Malware~ I would recommend this service~

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Deb Ryan

May 3, 2020

Best site security I have found.

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Steve Popz May


It works very well ... I like it no telling how many times they have saved my computer from crash and burn and it also alerts you of suspicious sites ... love it and it is reasonably priced.


Judy Gray