Introducing: Guardio's New Extension Alerts

February 17th · 1 min read


Have you ever installed an extension thinking it was a weather forecast extension, pdf convertor, or something else you actually needed, only to find out that it completely took over your browser or, even worse, has malware on it? That won't happen again, not with Guardio installed.

Now, instead of waiting until you have already installed the extension, Guardio will send you an alert if it would put you at risk.

How it Works

The team behind Guardio already detect and track harmful extensions on a daily basis and has rolled out new extension alerts to proactively alert users if there is anything suspicious about a certain extension. In addition to removing all already installed harmful or malicious extensions.

Already a Guardio user? You don't need to do anything, all existing Guardio users can already benefit from the new alerts.

Why it's Important

Even if you had a harmful extension installed for 1 second, it could leave a trace of malware or do something irreversible. Guardio is disrupting the traditional anti-virus method of removing viruses after they reach your browser and computer, by developing new ways to keep you secure before anything happens.

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