Earn Free Protection with Guardio’s Referral Program

November 29th · 2 min read

You’ve taken the time to try Guardio for yourself. You’ve seen all the great things it can do to eliminate stress as you browse the internet. Why not earn some free protection through Guardio’s referral program?

How It Works

With Guardio’s referral program, each time someone subscribes to Guardio using your special link, not only do YOU get a free month of service, but they do as well. It’s a pretty simple way to earn free protection while helping to make the Internet a safer place.


To get started, head over to your Guardio Dashboard and find the blue section that says “Share Guardio and get free months”. There, you can copy your link to share with friends or you can easily share your code with others on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Then, when someone uses your special link and begins a paid subscription, you’ll both get a free month of protection from Guardio. It’s super easy and you truly have nothing at all to lose. You don’t even have to know the person who uses your link.

What is included?

When you refer a friend, you’ll continue to receive all of the features that make Guardio one of the best providers of browser protection and now, your friend will too. Don’t forget that each account provides protection for up to 5 computers, plus allowances for 4 more family members to do the same. There’s no need to purchase multiple licenses if you have multiple computers, which is a huge money saver.

  • Protection From Phishing & Scams: Clicking on pop-ups and unfamiliar links can lead to sites that cause serious damage. This includes phishing links in your email, social media scams, and more. Instead of taking a chance, Guardio blocks any site with malicious content that could harm your computer.
  • Blocking Malicious Browser Extensions: Clicking Approve, Next, or Accept is part of our daily routine. Guardio reads the fine print and makes sure you don’t install malware in disguise - but also removes it immediately if you have.
  • Blocking Suspicious & Malicious Websites: Hackers post and remove sites at the speed of light. When a site is only a few days old, even if it looks like it’s been around for ages, it could indicate that something suspicious is going on. When this happens Guardio alerts you to be extra careful with your information on this site.
  • Data Leak Monitoring: You can monitor 5 emails to know when there is a breach involving your info and to take action immediately.

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