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January 18th · 2 min read

“The PC security channel,” tests three popular web browsers against 200 malware-infested links to see which comes out on top. “The PC security channel,” use automated scripts to open each of the links/websites on Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to see which blocks the most threats.

Microsoft Edge test

The Microsoft Edge test begins. It shows the URL's opening within the web browser as it runs through the full list. Microsoft Edge blocked all 200 of the malware-infected URLs. Most were blocked outright while the browser issued a yellow warning for a few others.

Firefox test

Firefox, a web browser popular because of its focus on online privacy. “The PC security channel” load up the script and give a brief introduction to Firefox. The results come in as Firefox blocks 145 (72.5%) of the 200 malware-infected URLs. This proves that Edge is the better option if you prefer security over privacy.

Google Chrome test

Google Chrome, the world's most popular web browser. “The PC security channel” set up the script containing the same 200 links and get ready to run. Chrome blocked 198 (99%) of the 200 malware-infected websites. The results: Microsoft Edge comes out on top with Google Chrome a close second and Mozilla Firefox way down in third. This is not surprising as Firefox focuses on online privacy while Edge and Chrome spend a lot of time developing security features and performing malware research.

Guardio browser protection tool

The Guardio browser protection tool's benefits are that users can use it as a browser extension on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It works on all operating systems, installs in seconds, and comes with a comprehensive set of security features. Guardio tool helps to protect against harmful sites, browser extensions, information leaks, and lets you block unwanted notifications. Other features include preventing default search engines and the homepage from being changed.

*This test does not cover other browser exploits, phishing links, or anything else.

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