Malvertising, a blend of 'malware' and 'advertising,' refers to the practice of using online advertising to spread malware. It involves injecting malicious or harmful code into legitimate advertising networks and websites. Here's how it typically works:

Using legit ads: Scammers insert malicious code into ads that appear trustworthy. These ads can then be distributed across various websites through legitimate advertising networks.

Exploiting vulnerabilities: When users visit a website displaying these ads, the malicious code can exploit vulnerabilities in their browser or other software to install malware on their devices, often without any need for the user to click the ad.

Wide reach: Because these ads can appear on any site that uses the same advertising network – even reputable, well-known sites – malvertising can reach a broad audience.

Various malicious outcomes: The malware delivered by malvertising can range from relatively harmless adware, which bombards users with unwanted ads, to more dangerous forms like spyware, ransomware, or Trojans that can steal sensitive information, encrypt files for ransom, or provide a backdoor for further attacks.

Stealthy nature: One of the most troubling aspects of malvertising is its ability to infect users discreetly. A user doesn't need to click on the ad; just loading the page with the malicious ad can trigger the malware installation.

Malvertising is a deceptive and dangerous technique that misuses online advertising to spread malware, posing significant risks to both internet users and the integrity of legitimate ad networks.

Apr 30, 2020

I have been so impressed with the…

I have been so impressed with the timely transition to a new device without any fuss. Your notifications are timely and, dare I say, fun to read. Nice that you have a thread of humor! Thanks.

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Michelle Allen


I love my Guardio! My Chromebook was damaged but as soon as l can get my laptop up and running, the first thing l plan on doing is downloading Guardio to keep it safe!


Mary Kate Schmahl

Apr 29, 2020

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that…

thanks for the pop up l didnt know that l was uncovered Nice to know that l am safe again

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