these occur without the knowledge of a user. A user must simply visit an infected website to trigger the malware download. Hackers continuously attack legitimate websites to inject malicious code. Then, when a user browses that legitimate website (not knowing that it was compromised), the injected code is loaded by their browser automatically, resulting in infection.

It works very well ... I like it no telling how many times they have saved my computer from crash and burn and it also alerts you of suspicious sites ... love it and it is reasonably priced.


Judy Gray

Apr 25, 2020

Always on the ball

Always on the ball, keeping me secure, day and night!

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Allen J. Exelby

Jun 5, 2020

was having continuous ad popups

I was having continuous ad popups. Guardio took care of them all. I'm so pleased with this service! I'm also alerted about possible threats while surfing. I have every intention of continuing with Guardio.

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Tessa 782