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About Guardio

Guardio is a lightweight Chrome extension that lives in your browser and protects everything within. Guardio addresses threats that bypass traditional antivirus programs by catching advanced phishing attacks, unauthorized uses of your browser, and other threats that harm countless people every day. Guardio is a one-click install and has several protection features that promise to protect your privacy and keep you and your browser safe from threats.

What is the difference between Guardio and ad blockers?

Traditional ad blockers block advertisements that aren’t necessarily harmful but can be distracting. Ad blockers can affect your browsing abilities because many websites that rely on advertising as their primary source of income won’t let you access them with an ad blocker enabled.

Guardio is an anti-malware program that removes existing malware from your device and prevents new malware infections. It does this by blocking harmful sites, extensions, and push notification providers that try to insert malware on your device. Harmful or intrusive push notifications or popups could indicate on malware that traditional ad blockers don’t block.

How is Guardio different from traditional antivirus programs?

Traditional antivirus programs allow threats to enter your computer and then take action to try and remove the threat. This means that the threat has the opportunity to do (sometimes irreparable) damage to your computer until it is removed. Frequent updates are required in order to update the database of known threats, so if you’re attacked by a threat that is still very new (and malware changes quickly), the traditional antivirus program may not even detect it.

Guardio works within your browser where most threats like identity theft, virus downloaders, scams, and more attempt to gain entry. This allows Guardio to block threats BEFORE they reach your computer and have a chance to cause harm.

Is Guardio safe? Can I trust you?

Yes! Guardio has a dedicated security team that continuously searches for new scams and weaknesses make the internet a safer place. Not only do we protect our own members, but we recently discovered a vulnerability in Evernote’s Chrome extension that saved millions of peoples’ information from being leaked.

Guardio quietly protects you as you browse the web without slowing down or harming your browser. You can see what our users have to say about us on Trustpilot.

Is Guardio available in my country?

Yes! Guardio is available worldwide. Our pricing is in USD, and currently, we offer support in the English language.

Is Guardio free?

Guardio offer a no-obligation, 7-day free trial to anyone wishing to experience Guardio before fully committing. After the trial period, Guardio offers monthly or annual subscription plans. You can always switch between the two plans.

Protection & Technology

How will I know Guardio is protecting me?

Once installed, Guardio actively protects your browsing environment and scans every site, page, and service you visit. As long as you see the green icon on the top right of your browser, rest assured that Guardio keeps you safe and blocks away intrusive notifications, harmful sites, and extensions. You can visit your dashboard anytime by clicking on Guardio's icon to see what threats you're avoiding with Guardio by your side.

How often will Guardio scan my devices?

Guardio runs an initial scan to check your device for malware. Once you begin your membership rather than running scheduled scans, Guardio works all the time monitoring, checking, and blocking out harmful sites, extensions, and pushes. Guardio will alert you immediately if something is suspicious or harmful, and will remove abusive notifications to provide you with a clean browsing experience.

What happens once I install Guardio?

Magic! Guardio quickly scans your device for malware, abusive notifications, and information leaks. After this, you can begin your 7-day free trial and see how Guardio protects you as you browse the web.

Can Guardio get rid of popups?

Just as different stains require different methods to remove them, it's important to understand what popups you have on your device to know how to get rid of them. There is a difference between annoying yet harmless advertisements and harmful notifications that could indicate there is malware on your device. Guardio won't necessarily block out ads from sites you subscribed to that are legitimate and harmless, but will block out entirely anything coming from malware or that could lead to it.

Will Guardio remove the search and tabs that have taken over my browser?

Once you begin your free trial, we have a magical button that can perform a cleanup and restore any browser settings that have been hijacked.

Does Guardio work on mobile?

Guardio is a Chrome extension that works only on desktop, where most activity and threats take place. In the future, we may develop a mobile solution too.

Does Guardio work only on Chrome?

Not only! Guardio is available on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. We plan to make more adjustments in order to make Guardio compatible with other major browsers as well.

Account & Permissions

What does a Guardio membership include?

Your Guardio includes several protection features:

  • Online Browsing Protection: Guardio blocks out harmful phishing and scam sites by putting up a block sign, and alerts on suspicious sites with low authority.

  • Unwanted Notifications: By removing malware from your device, Guardio blocks out abusive notifications and explicit content. Guardio also traces the connections of push providers to give a more extensive blocking range.

  • Personal Information: Guardio informs you of past and new data leaks, when this happens we recommend you change your login details for those sites. You can monitor 5 different email addresses such as work, personal and other emails with one account.

  • Browser Extensions: Malicious extensions can reach your device in sneaky ways, and can also disguise themselves as legitimate services. Guardio removes these as soon as they reach your device and offers pre-install alerts to avoid any malware contact.

  • Personal Support: Guardio's support team is available for any questions and concerns, providing personal and professional service.

  • With a Premium account, you can protect five family members with one Guardio account. Each gets a separate account so that privacy can be kept.

  • With a Team account, you can easily add all your team members to keep your business safe.

Is my information kept confidential?

Absolutely. Guardio will never use your information in a harmful way, sell it, or share it with others.

Why does Guardio's extension require permissions when installing?

Any extension you install requires some permissions, and it's good to know what they mean and if you should accept them. The permissions Guardio requires:

  • "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit:"

In this case, it means that Guardio reads the page when you're on a website so that we can detect if it's safe or not. No changes are made to any websites. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can read more about it in our privacy policy.

  • "Display notifications:" Guardio alerts you on suspicious sites, malicious extensions, when something is removed, and other updates.
  • "Manage your apps, extensions, and themes:" Guardio requires this permission to remove the malicious extensions found.

Why do I need a Credit Card for the free trial?

We require a payment method when signing up to reduce fraud and prevent multiple free trials for one person. This enables a smooth transition for our members after the trial period and helps us deliver better service for all the honest customers. We promise we won't bill you anything during your free trial and you can cancel at any moment before your trial ends. All our credit card payments are protected by Stripe, so, you can rest assured about the safety of your financial data.

How can I reach you guys?

You can contact our awesome support team from our help center or write us an email to Looking forward to hearing from you!

Will I be able to cancel Guardio?

Yes. You can also cancel Guardio directly from your dashboard. We don't recommend browsing without any protection but understand if it's not right for you at this time. We have a 30-day refund policy, and if you cancel during your free trial, you will not be billed a dime.

Guardio for Teams

How secure is Guardio?

Guardio is what makes your browsing environment safe by making sure no threats gain access to your information. Guardio is GDPR compliant and only collects data needed to provide Guardio's service and features. Guardio's business model is customer payment only - any data we have is not for sale, or will it ever be. You can check out our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

Can seats be added or removed during the membership?

Absolutely. You can add or remove seats according to your plan at any time of your membership and will be billed a prorated amount based on your remaining subscription time.

Can I invite all team members during the trial period?

Yes, and we highly recommend you do, to get the full Guardio experience. Adding members is easy and can be done from your dashboard.

How does the pricing work?

The pricing is per seat. You can begin with a selected number of seats and change them as your business grows or changes.

Does Guardio require my team to actively scan their device?

Nope. Guardio works behind the scenes 24/7, keeping you and your team safe. When something comes up, we'll let the relevant team member know.

How is privacy kept?

Every team member gets a private dashboard showing their personal activity protected by Guardio. Plan/Billing information is only visible to the team admin. Personal user information is not visible to the admin.

Does Guardio protect my team even while working remotely?

Guardio operates anywhere your team works. Whether from home, the office, or a public cafe, Guardio ensures safe browsing.